who is jessica?

Jessica Goldstone-Smith is a mother, homebirth midwife, healer and birthportal keeper. Her energetics are activating and birthing the New Earth. Having answered the ancestral call to serve souls at the birth altar, her inherited psychic abilities have given her unique insight in the spiritual realm within the birthing landscape
From high-level tertiary hospitals to birthing in country areas, Jessica has worked within the birth portal realms for over a decade. Her business, New Earth Births, was born when she was asked to work with the light of GOD and the Angelics, to assist the next wave of souls coming through to be born from love into love. Jessica works internationally to assist women, families and individuals to release birth, sexual, and ancestral trauma; activating internal and external birthing temples. Whether literal or metaphorical, she is midwifing the New Earth one soul at a time.